GrahamBurke “The Blog” and GrahamBurke Images are the culmination of a deep love for photography, street fashion and lifestyles that began in a small village in Jamaica. The name Burke pays homage to my maternal grandfather who was very instrumental in my upbringing. I am Glen Graham.

Growing up in rural Jamaica, I spent most of my days reading everything I could get my hands on. I was fascinated by the photographs I saw from around the world and often dreamed of being able to capture some of those images myself.

I joined the high school’s Camera Club and learned the elements of film photography and the basics of the camera. However, living so many miles away from the school campus did not allow me to spend significant time in the dark room. As a result my exploration of photography remained dormant for many years.

My professional life rekindled the love for photography as I traveled, lived and worked in different countries across the globe (Switzerland, Singapore, China, Vietnam, Japan & Latin America) to name a few. I am primarily a self-taught photographer who relies heavily on visual instincts to capture the special moments.

My photography covers a wide range and reflects my love for people, fashion, city-scapes, street “seens” and fishing ports.

I am based in Charlotte, North Carolina and available for assignment and event photography.